Trust our flexible and reliable commercial cleaning services designed for religious gathering places.

Ensure the safety and well-being of all parishioners, from the youngest to the oldest, with dependable church cleaning services provided by Stratus Building Solutions.Your religious establishment transcends mere bricks and mortar—it’s a sanctuary for refuge, celebration, and community. You deserve a commercial cleaning service provider that comprehends the unique requirements of your facility, be it a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or any other place of worship.

Professional cleaning services for your place of worship


GME offers cleaning services for various places of worship, providing janitorial solutions to churches, mosques, temples, sanctuaries, and other religious venues. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it’s for a place of refuge, celebration, or prayer.

Floor Cleaning

With high foot traffic, floors in religious buildings accumulate dirt and debris. Our professionals utilize specialized equipment and products for thorough floor cleaning, ensuring hygiene and preservation.

Pew Cleaning

Pews, integral to a church's setting, often crafted from wood, can gather dirt and grime over time. Our cleaning services encompass thorough pew cleaning, eliminating stains and ensuring a polished finish.

Chancel Cleaning

The chancel, housing the choir and altar, requires meticulous attention to uphold its cleanliness and presentation. Our trained cleaners meticulously address the chancel area, eliminating accumulated dust and debris.

Restroom Cleaning

Maintaining hygienic restrooms is crucial for any public space, including religious establishments. Our cleaning regimen includes deep cleaning of restrooms, addressing toilets, sinks, and floors to eradicate bacteria and eliminate odors.

Altar Cleaning

The altar, being the focal point of a church, demands meticulous attention during cleaning. Our skilled cleaners undergo specialized training to handle altar cleaning with care, utilizing specific equipment and products to ensure its pristine condition and hygiene.

Window Cleaning

Stained glass windows, characteristic of religious edifices, necessitate delicate cleaning techniques. Our expert cleaners are adept at treating stained glass windows with precision, using gentle products to preserve both the glass and its surrounding frames.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in religious buildings are prone to accumulating dirt, particularly in high-traffic zones. Our professional cleaning services include deep carpet cleaning, employing specialized techniques and products to remove stains and maintain the carpet's appearance.

Why Choose GME for Your Church or Religious Building

The benefits of hiring professional construction cleaning services include:

At Green Maples Environmental, we handle the cleaning of your worship space with the reverence it deserves. We will collaborate with you to develop a personalized cleaning plan, ensuring that your worship and gathering area remains inviting to all.

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