Expert Home Repair and Handyman Services

Welcome to Green Maples Environmental, your go-to destination for professional, safe, and reliable handyman services. With just one call, you can access a team of skilled professionals ready to tackle your entire ‘To Do’ list. Local residents prefer our professional handymen, who excel in both major and minor home repairs, over independent contractors.

If you’re seeking a home renovation to address wear and tear or desire a modern upgrade for your interiors or exteriors, GME is here to assist. Avoid the hassle of DIY efforts and opt for our prompt and dependable handyman services. Our skilled team possesses the tools, experience, and dedication to realize your vision for your home or office, all at an affordable price.

Why Choose GME?

Count on us for reliability and integrity

Convenient One-Call Solution

Simplify your tasks with our streamlined, one-call service.

Safe, Worry-Free Experience

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our services prioritize safety and security.

Fully Insured

Rest assured with comprehensive coverage, including general liability and workers' compensation.

Clean-Up Commitment

We ensure a tidy space by cleaning up thoroughly upon completion.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Our commitment to excellence means your satisfaction is guaranteed.

At Green Maples Environmental, we’re your ultimate destination for a diverse array of home maintenance and repair solutions. Our service technicians at GME are adept craftsmen, ensuring that your tasks are completed flawlessly the first time around.

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